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keep the families of the victims of the boston attacks in your prayers and the families of those kill in texas as well. here's shepard. >> shepard: breaking news now. i'm shepard smith in new york. authorityies in canada are about to report terror plots. this comes a week to the day after the boston bombings but we're told the cases are not connected, at least not as they can tell at this time. we're expecting a news conference in a matter of minute. >> first, a fox urgent. the feds filed formal charges against the 19-year-old suspect
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in at the boston marathon while the young man lay in a hospital bed. among the charges, use of a weapon of mass destruct. the the younger suspect lifted his phone to his ear shortly before the first blast. quoting, a few seconds after he finishes the call the large crowd of people around him can be react topping the explosion bomber number two, virtually alone, appeared calm. walks away without his national sba, having left it on the ground, and ten second later an explosion occurs in the location where bomber number two placed his knapsack. and today the white house says it will not designate the suspect as an enemy cot ban tenant. some g.o.p.makers, including lindsey graham, say doing so may help theofeds gather evidence. a little more than ten minutes
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ago cities and towns across the country joined boston in a moment of silence. >> shepard: the terror attack killed three people and wounded more than 170 others. for ten of the victims the bombings cost them an arm or leg. we have team fox coverage. adam houseley at the hospital where the suspect is in'm custody. first congratulate ran, this debate, what is this? >> republicans senator lindsey graham who wrote the military commissions act said, just like the administration, there is no option to pursue a military trial for dzhokar tsarnaev because he is an american citizen. but there's another legal option to clear the 19-year-old enemy combatant or enemy belligerent
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for purpose of evidence gathering. >> under the law of war there's no right to legal counsel when you're being questioned for national security purposes. so i hope the obama administration will allow that exception and they have a very bad track record here. >> the white house telling reporters it would try tsarnaev in federal court and no other options were considered. >> this is matter decide ode by the attend of yates and the attorney general. the whole national security team supports this decision. >> to bring it down for you, the confusion comes over the venue. there is no way under the military commissions act to try an american citizen at the military courts in guantanamo bay, but if a sed threshold of evidence was met, if there was evidence that the brothers were directed by a foreign terrorist organization that would call for enemy combatant status. >> we have been talking about
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the trip to russian that the older suspect took. it's my understanding you learn more about the trip. >> fox news was told that russia's equivalent othe fbi isn't a letter to the bureau claiming the older brother was a believer in radical islam and traveled to join an extremess group. the fbi said it found no evidence of terrorism, and the administration has long warned against labeling individuals. >> as americans we refuse to live in fear. nor do we describe our enemy has gee squadist or islamist, because jihad is a holy struggle. >> in dig, investigators are probing potential links to an islamist group that has been responsible for attacks on the moscow airport, and networks reporting the group issued a statement saying they did not know the brothers and their disagreement is with russia and not the united states. but fox news is told the speed of the denial and accusations
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the russians were behind the boston attack undercuts the reliable of those claims according to those familiar. >> shepard: state law enforcement source is now telling fox news more than a dozen officers are guarding the suspect with fbi agents keeping watch inside the hospital room. ordinarying to reports the suspect is apparently answering questions from investigators, though he is writing them down because he can't speak. officials say the suspect's throat injury is so bad in fact he may never speak again. it appears he shot himself in the neck. that's what they're telling us, in a possible failed attempt to kill himself. it apatiently happened as swat teams were closing in on the boat in the backyard. those are flash bangs designed to disorient the suspect. and by the time officers pulled him from the boat he is said to have been very weak and losing a lot of blood. adam housely is at the hospitale
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the suspect is in custody. what can you report? >> talking more about the security. you hemmingsed the fbi agent inside his room. also, the different police officers on the same floor. significant security throughout the hospital, both inside and out. that will continue as long as the suspect is here. we're also being told once he is well enough to leave the hospital he'll leave the same way "whitey" bulger was taken away, be loaded into a helicopter and be flown to the jail or the facility will where he will be head. that won't be for some time because of his injuries. >> shepard: adam, any change in the suspect's condition? they've been kind of vague about that. >> they have but an fbi told a couple newspapers, he had multiple injuries, which we knew that. he pled out -- had a lot of bleeding from the first gun battle that killed his brother. he haded a least a couple of injuries from there. this agent said he was shot in
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the head or neck, shot in the leg in the hand, and other injuries as well. so obviously he had some significant injuries. so doctors say he is going to make it but still in serious by stable condition. that's what they're calling it. he will remain here until he is well enough to go someplace always. they say he is communicating via writing but the suspect was saved at the hospital, the same hospital where some of the victims from the blast continue to recover. >> shepard: adam housely at the hospital for us in boston. according to court papers filed today, the bombing suspect delivered a chilling message to the man they carjacked on thursday, saying, did you hear about the boston explosion? i did that. let's take this to the judge. judge andrew napolitano good to see you. i remember we were -- producers and i were talking about this sort of thing has happened repeatedly, lately. remember the suspect in california, the cop who was killing cops? >> right. >> he let man live and that man led to his demise. in this case, he let a
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carjacking victim live, and arguably that led to his demise as well. >> the statement you just quoted, which is exceptionally chilling, comes from a ten-page affidavit signed by an fbi agent. the agent kits he has reviewed much of the evidence, including all the videotapes, and he summarized all of it in the affidavit. the purpose of the affidavit it to back up a criminal complaint. the criminal complaint must filed within 48 hours of suspect number two's arrest. this is not the complaint on which he will be tried because the next document will be, or eventually, there will be an indictment from a grand jury. this is sufficient to keep him in jail until the grand jury can meet and decide what it will indict him for. that indictment -- the complaint is just a half page long. the grand jury indictment will be long and filled with details
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and charge him with more crimes. >> shepard: we could have anticipated these questions of whether he some shoo be held as an enemy cot want tenant. >> there's two two suspects to enemy combatant. one is trying a person in guantanamo bay. this is not legally possible because he is an american citizen and was an american citizen at the time these events took place. the other enemy combatant edition -- designation would put him in the custody of the military for 30 do is, and he could not communicate with anybody, and others could interrogate him relentlessly for 30 days in order for that to happen there would have to be unambiguous evidence of his being affiliated with a foreign group, like al qaeda, that is waging war on us, according to the governor of massachusetts, the mayor of boston, their chief police people and the head fbi agent in boston, there's no such evidence. so that's probably why they're
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nat going that route. >> shepard: he matter of reading him his miranda rights. the right to remain silent. there's an exception put into place in 1984 and the intent was, what if somebody placed -- for instance, placed some bombs out there, brought them into custody but more bombs are about to go off you need them to be compelled to speak right now. while waiting to read them their miranda rights. that's an ambiguous thing. do you have a sense now that period of time, whatever it is, has passed and it's time for us to deal with the constitution? >> the theory behind this exception is that the puck is at risk, and the public is so much at risk that the potential defendant's constitutional liberties must be negated. but that doesn't make sense what the same people i just tick off said, the governor, mayor, police, and police commission economy head of the fbi, all said on friday night, boston's back to normal. the public is no longer at
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recollection. they can't have it both ways. >> shepard: they're trying to. >> can't claim bostones back to normal and the public is not at risk and then say the guy is a risk. the purpose of the exception to the miranda rule is to protect police officers and those around the defendant at the time he is arrested. is that gun empty? y is the other gun? the other bomb? the type of excited utterrans someone would utter at the moment of arrest. it's not a way around the miranda ruling. the miranda ruling requires all government agencies to tell you before they ask you a question you don't have to answer it. the obama administration has taken a radical approach to the miranda rule by coming out of nowhere with this 48 hour rule that doesn't exist in any statute and no court has permitted it. >> going to regret it? >> i think they will. bass opposite they start using it there will be no stop to it. >> shepard: investigators want
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to talk with the wife of the older bombing suspect. are lawyer says she won't be able to tell them much because she had no idea he was up to anything until she saw he was a suspect on television. that part of the story is next. updating our breaking news. authorities in canada are expected to announce multiple arrests relate toad what they're calling a major bomb plot. we're now getting conflicting reports about whether new york city was on a target list. sources telling fox news, at laos one man was arrested in quebec, another in ontario. that were in communication with people in the states and overseas and had ties to radical groups. part of the plot was to blow up a bridge in canada when could commute train was going over it. the suspects wanted to have an economic impact and make a big statement. we're told this investigation has been underway for at least six months. we're expecting details in a news conference coming up in this hour, and we'll bring them to you live, one week from
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today, we were sitting here watching in horace a man in a wheelchair was rolled by with no legs of we knew then we were under attack. [ horn honks ]
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>> shepard: update from the terror plot in canada foiled. we're expect agnus conference. first the wife of the now- now-deceased boston bombing suspect learned that the fbi was looking for her husband when she saw it on television. that's according to her attorney, who also claims his client had no idea that tamerlan tsarnaev might have been planning any kind of attack. the couple reportedly met at a nightclub, and after they start dating, she is said to have converted from christianity to islam. they're believed to have gotten north carolina 2009 or two 20 and she is now caring for their three-year-old daughter. but catherine russell
12:17 pm
tsarnaev -- her name -- her attorney claims she had been working seven days a week and had not been seeing much of her husband at all, which she said would explain why she nope what he was up to. now the feds are asking to speak with the wife themselves. jonathan hunt is in studio this afternoon. where is this woman right now? do we even know? >> as far as we know, shep, catherine russell tsarnaev is currently at her parent' home in north kingstown rhode island. federal agents were at the home, apparently seeking to speak to her, but her lawyer is the only wound has spoken to the fed cozy the said, i spoke to them, that's all i can say right now. we're deciding what we want to do and how we want to approach this. it appears that they will ultimately. , just a question of when.
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>> shepard: how much more too we know about their relationship? >> not that much. we just are not hearing from her or the family. what we do know is that she met her future husband when she was studying at university in boston. they apparently met at a nightclub, and according to her attorney, she later converted to islam and married tsarnaev. asked about her religion, the attorney said, she believes in the ten ten nets of islam and the koran. she believes in god. her parents acknowledge they knew very little about the son-in-law saying, we cannot begin to comprehend how this horrible tragedy occurred in the aftermath of the patriots' day horror, we know we never really knew tamerlan tsarnaev. our hearts are sickened by the knowledge of the here he has inflicted. with all of these things with so
12:19 pm
much in this case, shep, we'll learn a lot more about this woman in the coming days. we'll know what she knew, if anything, and when she knew it, if ever. >> following today's breaking news, word of yet another terror plot. this one broken up before it was allowed to happen. authorities have suspects in custody, and these are live picture from the news conference in toronto, ontario. we'll take you to toronto for the news conference will is scheduled to begin in mints. the early wordes the plan was to blow up a bridge, cause massive problems and economic difficults. ' free credit score's
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>> shepard: breaking news. minutes away from a news con friday on a terror bust in canada. a live look at the news conference location. u.s. officials sea canadian authorities are set to announce they made multiple arrests in what they're calling a major terrorist plot. the officials say the plan was not related to the boston marathon bombings. the plan was to blow up a bridge in canada while a train was crossing, a train which toronto and new york city commuters use. trace, what details do we have? >> this is a cross-border operation between canadian authorities and the fbi and the dhs in this country, and now canadian news reporting there are two suspects in custody. one was arrested in ontario. the other arrested in quebec. the suspects have been under surveillance for six months to a year, and the plan as you said, reportedly to blow up the bridge while the train was crossing the
12:24 pm
bridge from toronto to new york city. we know a train that has that exact route. they wonted to have an economic impact in possibly both countries. there are reports the suspects had communications with people in the united states as well as overseas, and they do have links to extremist groups. one report says they had links to al qaeda in some capacity but didn't say why. also saying the two suspects appear to be older, so that youth radicalization appears to be out of the question. this does not appear to be related at all to the boston bombings, and say there's no connection to what they call the high school friends that joined al qaeda in ontario. went to algeria, and they both died. they say this could have been bigger than the toronto 18. that was the plot that 18 men not arrested in. the plan was to blow up buildings in toronto, and behead
12:25 pm
the prime minister. they're saying in today's arrest, the public was never in any danger at all. but if this had been pulled off, it would have been extremely significant. >> shepard: trace gallagher for us. waiting for the news conference to begin. here in the united states it's been a very frustrating day for a lot of airline travelers. and the reason is, the budget cuts, known faction natalie as the sequester. furloughs started yesterday for air traffic control control -- s causing delays. the places in red are flights pushing back more than two hours in los angeles, some incoming flights were delayed by more than three hours. with us now a senior official with the -- i understand at it
12:26 pm
it's bad. we new this was coming. >> we knew it was coming. a couple thoughts on this. one is faa knew this was coming for two years, had a long time plan, bat and you're seeing is controllers are being laid off at the same rate for the big facilities, as they are for the smaller ones. you think faa would say, let's see where most of the people or traveling and keep those fully staffed and be a little more surgical on the smaller airports. >> shepard: sounds like a lot of this is politics. >> does seem rather odd but i don't see the controllers behind it but the administration wants to make sure everybody feels the pain here. >> does that seem understandable to you? >> not real ly. it doesn't. this is one of our great assets in this country, the ability to move across the country, and yet the government is getting in the
12:27 pm
way of this to prove a political point. we have seen the faa budget for controllers rise 50%, and traffic is down 27%. so we're throwing more money to handle less of a problem, yet now is the time we chose to start making the american people feel the pain? it just doesn't make sense. >> shepard: the american people are already feeling the pain. i've been flying for a long time, and it's never been like this. every flight you get on, it's filled to the brim. the planes are smaller, the number of people vrabel to help you is fewer, and flying is often miserable, and wasn't always like this. wasn't leak this a couple of years ago. it's like we're down to almost one airline, and you wonder when we'll reach the tipping point and people go, enough. >> you're right. airlines are really cutting everyplace they can to make money. airlines are more profit baseball and i think the passenger experience is suffererring. >> they are lot more profitable, making tons of money and
12:28 pm
passengers are suffering. you wonder when it is that customers go, no, you have to do better. i guess unless and until there's an alternative they won't. >> you're absolutely right. >> anybody who wants to start up a new airline where you treat people right, i've with you. scout brenner, thank you. continuing coverage of the top story today. there's activity at the site of the news conference in toronto where we're expected to learn more about the bombing plot that was the thwarting transportation between toronto and new york. federal charges today against the suspect in the boston marathon bombings and it's very likely the two brothers were planning to strike again. we'll give you the reasons coming up. awaiting the news conference about the foiled terror attack there is a lot of movement in this room. we don't know whether that means it's just about to start but the original thinking was it would
12:29 pm
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>> shepard: break news and the announcement of a thwarted terror plot on the u.s. canadian border to affect a train that travels daily to and from new
12:33 pm
york, to toronto, and vice versa. it's our understanding they mr. -- whoever the terrorists are, who are now in custody, we're told, by the cbc, -- they were planning to blow this thing up as the train went by. some things we're waiting with great interest to learn, had these gentlemen, who are in custody, procured the necessary equipment or bombs or whatever you think, to blow this thing up? or was it something they were talking about? were they doing it and authorities found out about it? and busted them bus of it? or did they contact someone they thought was a conspirator, or possible conspirator, and then learn that was somebody from the rcmp so they were in on this thing all along. it does matter. the detail does matter. if they have zwarted -- thwarted something in works.
12:34 pm
if they had plans and bombs to do this, this i a major bust indeed. if in fact there was chatter about it and the rcmp were involved in the beginning and they didn't have 'real bombs, you can draw your own conclusions how big a deal this is. let's bring in trace gallagher. we don't really know yet, do we? we're waiting for the news conference. >> we actually think the latter is probably right answer there. this group, these two people that are now under arrest, have been under surveillance for at least six months or a year. what is unclear, the first part of the statement, did they have bombs in the beginning and were looking for help and then procuring this stuff and that was the time and or what the royal canadian mounted police and the intelligence service in canada watching them all along. you see the news conference about to start. that's the big question here. we know there are at least two suspects in custody right now. as you said, for attempting or at least plotting to blow up a bridge that had a train going
12:35 pm
across it from toronto into new york city. now, there is word, a report coming out of canada. these two suspects were in some capacity linked to al qaeda. we don't know exactly what that capacity is. these were said to be older suspects. so, the whole question of this going on in boston right now, youth radicalization, does not seem to fit in this case, and we should note this has nothing at all to do with anything in the boston case. >> i will be your moderator today. [speaking in foreign language] >> shepard: it's my understanding there will be a lengthy period of introductions here and will go become and forth between english and french. it's canada. that's how it works. >> before we start i ask that you please turn off or put on silent mode your cell phones. >> shepard: while they're giving
12:36 pm
pro -- here we go. >> today, approximately 30 minutes, the rcmp will be making statements on a national security criminal investigation. integrated national security enforcement team in montreal and toronto. the statement will be followed by a short question period. [speaking in foreign language] >> upon your arrival you were provided with press kits. these include further details on the charges of the criminal investigation, photos, as well
12:37 pm
as information on our various initiatives related to national security. [speaking in foreign language] >> before we begin i would like to highlight to the presence of a number of our partners -- >> shepard: a lot of introductions to coming robert mcfad enis with us, former ncis counterterrorism official. if these people had a bomb and they were about to do one thing, it's one thing. if they attacked about it, the rcmp heard about it and got in on it, we have another thing. >> that's right. good for the canadians for little we know so far. but talk about the difference between plot underway and aspirational. in the united states -- the fbi
12:38 pm
has done any number of penetration or undercover operations. the overriding concern, if the train has left the tracks, it's about safety. 0 to make sure there's absolutely no chance an attack could be carried out. >> shepard: we have got then today. english and french is how they roll and they're still saying hello and they good for a long time. god love canada but they're not very good for television. i don't know what else to say. the details i expect they're going to be absolutely fascinating. so let listen in. >> the officer in charge of the rcmp's federal policing operation, the criminal operations officer for the rcmp in ontario, jennifer stricken. commissioner james of the rcmp
12:39 pm
policing operations will open with a brief statement. he will read the statement in english, followed by the identical statement in french. [speaking in foreign language] >> good afternoon, and thank you all for being here. on april 22nd, after an extensive and complex criminal investigations, named project smooth, the rcmp arrested and charged two individuals for terrorism related offenses under various servings of the criminal code. the rcmp is alleging the two men were conspiring to carry out an al qaeda supported attack against passenger trains. had this plot been carried out it would have resulted in innocent people being killed, or seriously yurd.
12:40 pm
-- seriously injured at all times during the investigations, initiated in august 2012, our primary focus was the safety and protection of the public. i want to reassure our citizens that while the rcmp believes the accused had the capacity and intent to carry out these criminal acts there was no imminent threat to the general public, rail employees, train passengers, or infrastructure. the rcmp led integrated national security enforcement teams with the close collaboration of the fbi, successfully interdicted this threat early and effectively. this is a testament to the strength of our relationships with canadian and american law enforcement and to the ability of canadian government agencies to work together in furtherance of canada's counterterrorism strategy. today's charges represent the
12:41 pm
most recent example of the tremendously successful effort and commitment of our national security team, and i would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their outstanding dedication. in recent years, our collaborative approach has led to arrests and several convictions, including one in ottawa, one in quebec, and the 11 individuals in toronto. these successful arrests and convictions demonstrate the expertise and the effectiveness of our integrated team. we could not have successfully completed this investigation without the collaboration of our partners at the local, national, and international level. on behalf of the rcmp i express our appreciation for their tremendous support. i am pleased that some of these partners have been able to join us today.
12:42 pm
even with these successes, it is very important that canadians remain vigilant, protecting canada's national security requires the awareness and active engagement of all of our citizens. a meaningful response to these threats begins on canadian streets and in canadian homes, and the rcmp works with all their partners, including communities across canada, in the fight against terrorism. the public is always encouraged to bring any suspicious activities to -- >> shepard: i think we got our answer in the first minute. the statement is almost completed. they'll repeat it in french and then give us details in minutes from now. robert mcfadden is with us. we heard this phrase we so often hear, they had the capacity and the intent but there was no imminent threat. so they got there early. i don't know yet. my defense is they'll learn they wanted is?
12:43 pm
the other thing but they were talking not to an al qaeda da sympathizer but somebody from the authorities and there was never any imminent threat because they weren't going to get what they wanted. >> just as we spoke before the press conference started, the plot was underway, they had co-conspirators, had obviously the intent but it was a matter of the interruption of the plot where they thought safety was paramount. >> trace, convictions on these matters are sometimes difficult but you can't no theirry, be convicted for things you say. you can only be convicted for things you do. for instance, did they think they had procured weapons? >> we'll talk about that in a moment and get the answers phloem news conference as "studio b" continues in just a moment. angie's list is essential. i automatically go there.
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here's to good decisions. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your family's future? we'll help you get there. >> shepard: as the bounce from language to hawk we have learn nothing than we reported moments ago about the terror plot said to be foiled in canada.
12:47 pm
trace gallagher has more. >> you make a great point. before the break talking about the prosecution of these guys and what was very unclear in the news conference is if they provided these suspects with a weapon to show the intent. if you go back to what they were talking about earlier, the toronto 18, the had 11 prosecutions. they had a group of terrorists that wonted to blow up the toronto stock exchange, and in that case they gave these guys phony truck bomb and they tried to blow it up so prosecution was easier. we do not know if the suspects were provided a weapon to use. that was unclear in the news conference. we may fine out as this goes long. we do not know who they were in contact with. they said they were the communication with people in the united states and overseas. that's key because they have linked this two suspects with al qaeda and it would be important to find out who in this country they were talk to
12:48 pm
and two overseas they were talking to. they say nobody was ever a threat or being threatened because of this because they didn't have a bomb. they didn't fill in the rest of the blanks. shepship i want to get to the business aspect of this. the intent, according to canadian authorities, was to disrupt the economies. fox business network's petitioner barnes is here. really important trading partner, canada is, this could be a real blow. >> that's right. canada is our single largest trading partner. $600 billion a year in two-way trade. we get a lot of energy out of canada, natural resource. we ship a lot of finished goods north to canada, and by blowing up a bridge and a train would require, of course, authorities to go out and check every single bridge and train between the united states and canada. we know of at least two dozen international bridges and tunnels that are idea for
12:49 pm
commerce between the two countries. >> shepard: peter barnes. thank you. the authorities just announced at the news conference the suspects will appear in court in toronto tomorrow. robert mcfadden is back with us. former counterterrorism official. a lot of work be done. >> intriguing things from the beginning. the term al qaeda associated. that's always a very important to figure out what that means. the al qaeda pakistan branch or some other group but another thing in the preceding report, going back to at least 1998, bin laden anded a died al qaeda one of their primary target has business disrupt the economy of the enemies, primarily the u.s. >> shepard: we have to find out what they mean by al qaeda, because that translates loosely to the base, and al qaeda was successful in 2001 and everybody likes to use that name now if bu
12:50 pm
want to be part of al qaeda. we don't know. >> continues to be the term of convenience but it's important to drill down what that means. >> shepard: as they bounce back and for between english and french, they're saying little. official says the surviving boston bombing suspect was very seriously wounded when they finally got him in custody and now that he is in hospital, he is heavily sedated. so what will his wounds mean? we'll get into that one week on from the boston bombing. clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy. and my local scottrade office guides my learning every step of the way. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me.
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>> shepard: more now on the surviving boston bombing suspect and the possibility investigators may never get the answers to their questions. the federal complaint out reveals just how badly he was hurt. gunshot wounds the head, neck,
12:54 pm
leg, hands. doctors say -- well, authorities tell us that the doctors say he is still critical, and may never be able too speak again because of the injury to his throw. even if he is able to communicate with investigators through his writing, there are serious questions about whether interrogators can get anything useful out of us. joining us a doctor from university case medical center. >> good afternoon. >> shepard: we're in a difficult position because we can't know the details. we don't know how badly he bled. we don't know if he is sedated. we don't know much of anything. we do know that serious and critical and those sorts of things have specific meanings. >> yes. we use a classification that the american hospital association tells us we should use, not only with other people and also with the media. so, first, i is undetermined and that means patient is awaiting physician or assessment. next is good, vital signs stable
12:55 pm
and within normal lilts and patient is conscious and comfortable, going to make a full recovery. fair is the vital signs are stable and within normal limits. the patient is conscious but may be uncomfortable. you'll probably be sedated. serious, which is what most of the time we have been hearing about this patient, is the vital signs may be unstable and not within normal limits, the patient is awe cutely ill. indicators are questionable, they might not make it, and then critical, vital statements are unstable, patient may be unconscious, and indicators are unfavorable. weekor intubated you have to be sedated because you're not going to tolerate having this thing down your trachea, going into your lungs, to give you -- to breath for you. so there has to be a certain amount of sedation to be
12:56 pm
intubated. >> shepard: can you envision any scenario where you might have a patient in serious condition where you would allow authorities to question that patient? i say that because the doctors are in charge of the patient, not the lawmen. >> well, i had the child protection program here and i deal with law enforcement in ohio, both prosecutors and police. if they came in and said, we really need to speak to this person, we need to have communication with them, there's been a serious crime, and we said they're critical, they may not make it, and they say we really need to communicate with them, i think we would allow that to happen. >> shepard: this one said to be serious so all kind of makes sense. great to see you again. thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: fast approaching the top of the hour and the top of the news. we'll be right back.
12:57 pm
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>> shepard: they're saying very little in this

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